Christmas In July

In the chaos of the last few days… (see my post about it here…) I never did get the chance to write a post about my Christmas in July extravaganza.

Over the weekend, I went home to Findlay, Ohio to spend a crafty filled couple of days with my mom and my best friend Amber. My mother got the idea to do the Christmas in July weekend after the last holiday season. She always has a ton of Christmas projects she wants to get done and never remembers to do them until November or December, which by then there isn’t a lot of time to get everything done. So to solve that problem we both wrote a note on our 2013 calendars last December to schedule a weekend in July to start on some of these projects. My friend Amber, who is also very artsy decided she wanted in on the fun too.

We started pretty early in the morning, making ornaments and decorative trees, only to run out of hot glue sticks. (Every do-it-yourselfer’s nightmare!)

An explosion of Christmas craft supplies!

So we ended up taking a lunch break and got food at a yummy local Lebanese place- Cedar Valley Cafe. I got their beef and mushrooms, which ended up being enough food to feed me for 3 days!

So yummy in my tummy…

After we stuffed ourselves full of delicious food we swung by JoAnn Fabrics to pick up some more coveted glue sticks, and then on the way home we had to stop at a local legend- Dietsch’s Brother Fine Chocolates and Ice Cream. No trip home would be complete without it. Dietsch’s was recently named one of the top 10 best ice cream parlor’s in the nation, and anyone who has dug into a cone of their chocolate peanut butter, or mint chip ice cream would totally understand why. I actually got one of their new flavors of ice cream-toffee caramel crunch, which had bits of their crushed up toffee chocolates, that they also make on site, mixed into the ice cream. Oh. My. God. It was like I had died and gone to heaven. If you ever pass through Findlay you seriously have to stop at one of their two locations, it’s more than worth it. Compared to some of the ice cream parlors here in Columbus, their prices are very reasonable and you get a ridiculous amount of ice cream for the money.

Ice cream heaven right here…

For as long as I can remember, it has always looked this way- like an old fashioned ice cream parlor from the 50s. I love their sweet little heart chairs 🙂

After we pigged out on ice cream, we went back home and resumed our Christmas craft party complete with Christmas music playing on the stereo… some of the albums that made the play list included…

Michael Buble- Christmas
The Carpenters- Christmas Collection
Bing Crosby- White Christmas

And one of my personal favorites- John Denver with the Muppets- A Christmas Together

I love Animal in “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”… “WON’T GO! WON’T GO!!!” Hee hee, our neighbors probably thought we were crazy, but that’s okay, we were having too much fun to care.

Amber using her mad cutting skills…

A mixed media Christmas tree in progress…

At the end of the day we got a handful of things done, but the best part was getting to spend time with the people I love. It’s amazing to me how rejuvenating it is just having a girl’s weekend. After the rough time I had had with the identity theft business, I could definitely feel my spirits lifting just hanging out and being silly, while painting and getting my hands dirty. I love how the simple act of creating something can make you feel so much better. I always feel like a proud mama when I have finished a project, sort of like “look at what I just gave life to! I made this with my own two hands!” It’s such a cool feeling. We decided we will have to do it again every year.

Do I smell a tradition? 🙂

The results! The painted ceramic ornaments towards the bottom were incredibly time consuming…

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