It’s Raining Men!

Hallelujah? I am still undecided on the topic, but I’m getting ahead of myself…

It all started this weekend when I had to meet my soon to be ex-husband to do 2012 taxes (yay tax season!) I was really anxious because I had absolutely no idea how it would go. It was the first time I had seen him in the three months since I moved out. After the initial awkwardness had passed, we feel into our old familiar banter and ended up spending the afternoon together catching up. This was actually very cathartic and healing. I think it helped clear the air and allowed us to take our first baby steps towards being friends after the divorce. I’m glad because, despite the fact that I think we made terrible spouses, I really missed him and his ridiculous sense of humor. Neither of us regret our decision, and even after everything that has happened he’s still one of the few people in this world who knows almost everything about me. I hope we remain close because we did, and really do still care about each other. Many of you might be thinking, “Okay this is weird, two people who are getting divorced are actually nice to to each other? That’s not how it’s supposed to work!”

You’re right, we are probably the exception rather than the rule when it comes to divorces, and for that I feel very blessed. Besides, for those of you who actually know me, when have I ever done anything the “normal” way? You think hanging out with your ex is weird? What if I told you that not only did we spend time together without wanting to strangle each other, but we traded dating tips? Then you’d probably think we were bat shit crazy…

But it’s true. We joked for at least a good hour about our feeble attempts at dating, the good, the bad, and the ugly. It was during the course of this discussion he told me one of the kindest and most sincere things anyone has ever said to me…

“Someday we will both find our soul-mates.”

I know, I want us both to be happy.

“Just do me one favor…” 

What’s that?

“Don’t settle. Don’t settle for anything less than the best because you deserve it.”

I cry every time I think of that conversation. This is the man I married years ago, this is the man, excruciatingly difficult as it is, that I am giving up. Despite our incompatibility,  he’s a sweet and wonderful man and I love him dearly (and he’s single ladies!! *wink*wink).

Anyway, to make a long back story short, he was the one who suggested trying out, a free online dating website. Oh boy…

Now, I have always said I would never date men I met online. I have nothing against it per say  it just never really felt my “style”. But, I figured what the hell, I’ll check it out anyway, not like I have anything better to do. So Saturday night I started working on a profile. Before I was even finished filling the damn thing out I already had three guys leaving me messages. Within twelve hours I had seventeen more messages waiting for me in my inbox. All of them telling me I’m “beautiful,” “funny,” or “seemed really sweet.” At first I felt like Scarlet O’Hara and the belle of the ball! All these guys were talking about little ole me! You can’t help but feel like you are oozing sexuality when so many men are fighting for your attention. Then I started to realize, “Shit, sifting through all these emails is going to be extremely tedious and annoying…” And believe me I have had some real winners…

My very first email was from a guy named *Dave (names have been changed to protect the pervy…), and it consisted of-

“Hi, my name is Dave, 44. If you secretly like old guys you should message me…”

Yeeeaaahhhh…. Not the best pick up line my friend. Although it’s better than the message I got from some caveman whose name I can’t even remember because I deleted it so fast, which in its entirety read-


Hmmm, what? You find me interesting? Pretty? Repulsive? Hmmm, you’re a moron and wasting my time? My vote is for the last one.

The other thing that kills me are the guys who message me and clearly have not read my profile, (which is a shame because it’s a beautifully written, somewhat sarcastic masterpiece in the world of on-line dating profiles). For example I had an Indian vegetarian contact me when I clearly listed “bacon” as one of my six things I couldn’t live without. In fact, if he bothered to read my profile at all he would have noticed this little gem under “Favorite Foods”…

If it includes bacon, I will eat it. If you can wrap it in bacon, I will eat it. Not to go on a tangent or anything, but I firmly believe that bacon is a gift from the gods and should not be squandered. If I could win a lifetime supply of bacon I would die a happy woman… probably of congestive heart failure, but happy none the less.

So please, please, explain to me in what alternate universe would a vegetarian and myself be able to coexist peacefully when pork products are being consumed in large amounts on a weekly, sometimes daily basis at my house? Read My Damn Profile!

Oh, and ninety percent of the guys who apparently do read my profile are creepy mouth breathers who get all hot and bothered by my Game of Thrones references, or the comment under “Favorite Movies” which states- I’m a huge fan of StarWars. If you don’t know who Admiral Ackbar is then I’m sorry but, “This is not the girl you are looking for…” (I personally thought this was witty and amusing. Aforementioned mouth breathers apparently find it a good excuse to picture me with Princess Leia buns and masturbate in front of their computers… Eww.)

Unfortunately for me in this particular instance, that is who I am- a bacon loving, card carrying sci-fi fanatic, who can nerd rage with the best of them as to why Timothy Zahn’s “The Hand of Thrawn” series should be the next StarWars trilogy. (Did you hear that Disney?!) I am not going to misrepresent myself online to make me more attractive to the kinds of people who aren’t still virgins at age thirty-five.

I realize at this point I probably sound really superficial and that’s one thing I am discovering about online dating, is you really have no other choice. Unless I want to wade through a dozen or more emails a day and respond to each one, I have weed out the “undesirables.” To do so means to literally judge them based on their (usually crappy) profile photo and the scant amount of information they provide. This makes me feel horribly guilty because I am sure some of these men are truly lovely people and would much better represent themselves if they were able to string together more than a couple of sentences under their personal info.

This is why I am “undecided” as to whether I am glad to be getting all this attention, because it forces me to be judgmental of people I barely know and I hate that. Do I think I am going to find my soul mate online? Probably not. More likely I am going to find a bunch of guys who look at my photos and just want to get into my pants. However, there is at least one or two promising prospects and we will have to see how they pan out. For now, however, grab you umbrellas and flip on your windshield wipers, it’s raining men my friends-AMEN!



  1. ecumenicallife · February 13, 2013

    Yes, Thrawn trilogy!

    Online dating I guess can be on or off. Debbie's sister married a guy she met through online dating, and he's one of the most awesomest guys I've ever met.


  2. Femijess · February 18, 2013

    I love this post. I completely empathize with the pros and cons of the online dating game. If you haven't read a couple of my posts that have related content, I would love for you to read them here and here The second in particular may save you some grief, or at least provide fodder for some interesting conversation about our relative experiences with online dating. I'm loving your blog:)


  3. Mary Anne Edmiston · February 18, 2013

    Jess I love reading your blog it cracks me up lol. I find it hilarious that we had the same title for essentially the exact same topic. If you have any tips on how to juggle multiple dates at once I could probably use it. I am also terrified of how I am going to tell people I am not interested after a date or two because I am sure it's going to happen and I have no idea how to deal with it!


  4. Femijess · February 18, 2013

    I just wrote a post on juggling, inspired by this conversation. In my experience, most of them take it well when you're honest about not feeling a romantic spark. Some of them are juvenile about it, but it's not your responsibility to keep them happy. You can only chose to make yourself happy.


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