My Dream Tattoo

Lots of things have been happening in my life right now so I haven’t had a lot of time to post again. I have been working pretty diligently on my gratitude journal, but unfortunately do not have any updated photos to share. However, I have been working on a sketch that I finished the other day and thought you might be interested to see what I have been cooking up…

So I decided a year or so ago that I really wanted a tattoo. Problem was I wasn’t sure what I wanted and if you are going to be getting something permanently inked onto your body that’s a problem. Whatever I got I wanted it to be really meaningful. Well like I said a lot of stuff has been going on and I have learned a lot about myself in the last year or so, so I decided that I really wanted to have a Celtic Hawk tattooed on my shoulder. I looked at some of the designs other people have used and didn’t really like any of them so why not design your own? This is what I came up with…

Yay for tattoo!

It’s a soaring hawk for obvious reasons (read my first post here), but there is a lot of other symbolism in this design for me as well. I really wanted a Celtic design to honor my ancestors who came from Ireland and Scotland. Family is incredibly important to me as well as knowing where I come from and the people who have come before me. The Celtic knots themselves symbolize life having no beginning or end as well as everything being connected. The center of the hawk there is a heart with a triskele symbolizing the mind, body, soul connection and how spirituality is super important to me. And finally below there is the word “SAOR” which, if correctly translated, means “free” in Gaelic. I am debating between that or the phrase “Forever Incomplete” (Heck yeah Alanis check out the song here- Incomplete), but I am still waiting on the Gaelic translation for that one. I would like the head of the hawk to look more realistic, but that is something the tattoo artist is going to have to manage for me, I am not good with photo realism.
So that’s my dream tattoo. I would probably get it across my right shoulder blade in either just black or I am seriously considering having it done in sepia so it would be more subtle. Any thoughts? I need to save some money before I can get it done because I have a feeling with the amount of detail involved it will be expensive.
And because I don’t have much other artwork to share I thought I would leave you with a cute picture of one of my pups. I was cleaning the kitchen one night and happened to turn around and caught Carwyn this way…

Look at me mommy!
I have never seen him lay on the back of the couch like that before and frankly he knows better. I think he was there because his green blanket was laying across the back. Carwyn is our big boy, he’s almost four years old… the baby’s name is Rhett will be one in January. His picture is above my profile. They are my little furry children!

Hopefully next time I will have more to post, but I felt the need to share something. I sure you have all be waiting with bated breath for me to write again! So until next time-


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