Today I Feel Grateful…

So I have taken a long hiatus since posting last. There has been a lot going on in my life and a lot of (potentially) exciting changes that may take place in the months to come. I won’t go into details on that yet because nothing is set in stone and it may or may not happen, but if or when it does I will definitely share.

The last few weeks have been really difficult emotionally and physically, and as a result a wise friend of mine suggested I should start a “Gratitude Practice” to help center and focus everyday. I thought this was a brilliant idea and needless to say the challenge was accepted. So every morning now I get up at least a half hour early and go into my studio and work on my altered gratitude art journal. Since starting this a little over a week ago I have found I feel more peaceful and calm throughout the day, even on days when things are pure chaos. I would recommend a similar practice to anyone seeking to find balance in their lives. The trick is finding something that you feel motivated to do everyday, for me that means art, for others that might mean journaling or taking a walk… You get the picture.

I thought I would share some of my favorite pages out of my book… (I am leaving some of the pictures smaller so the writing is illegible… it is a journal after all and while I am willing to share the art, I would like to keep my thoughts private.)

The front of the book… sorry the picture is off-center!
The back.

Yes that is a real feather I found while I was on vacation in Siesta Key this summer…

I love the impact of the black and white with only hints of color on this page…

The background on this was really fun, I blocked in color with water-soluble pastels and then “activated” the colors with gesso… hence the cool pastel look.

It’s a lot harder to be grumpy and angry in the morning when you spend your first waking moments thinking about all the things you are grateful for. This is a practice I hope to continue throughout my lifetime as I find it very peaceful and relaxing to make art everyday like this!


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