Tarot Card Paintings and Shopping Local

Wow! So many things I want to talk about I am going to have to take notes and save them for future posts or else this entry is going to be super long. Before I jump full on into my artistic endeavors (of which there have been quite a few of lately) I want to share the little adventure I went on today…
My last appointment of the day left me in downtown historical Grove City, which is actually a really neat area. I am not often down that way when I get off work so I haven’t had much of a chance to explore yet. I kept seeing this cute little store called “Red Letter Journals” which advertises scrap-booking supplies and I have always wanted to stop in. So today I did and I have to stay it was really awesome. They had all sorts of supplies not just for scrap-bookers, but for mixed media artists as well. They had a large selection of specialty papers and all sorts of fun knick-knacks to add to your pages (or canvases as in my case). I could have probably spent a lot of money in there, good thing I left my wallet in the car! 
What made it even better though was an organic food market in the same building called “Leafy Greens”. While a small store, it had a nice selection of organic and gluten free items. I got a chance to talk to the owner Chris Carney and she was really nice and very helpful. Next time I have my wallet I will definitely stop by and pick up some of their organic meat.
Here are links to both stores…
Now as far as what I have been up to art wise, it has been a very busy week! I am gearing up for the gallery opening this Saturday, which, for anyone interested, is at CS Galleries at 66 Parsons Ave in Olde Towne East Columbus from 8 to 11 PM. I am very excited to have 5 of my pieces in the show and up for sale. If I could sell any of them I think I will die and go to heaven a happy girl!
Meanwhile, they are going to be doing another open gallery next month so I wanted to have some stuff ready for that. Thus the Tarot series was born. While many artists have done it before me, it’s a new concept personally and I decided to recreate my own interpretations of various Tarot cards. I have always thought the cards were mysterious and beautiful and naturally a good choice for a series of small works. Here is what I have so far…

The Emperor- Who is a wise and cautious leader. The scholarly picture seemed appropriate here.

Close up of his “BLING” ha ha.
Details of the stitching… I had fun with the settings on my sewing machine 🙂
Next we have the lovers, this is probably my favorite in the series so far…

Close up of the heart. It actually pops off the canvas for a 3D effect.

Last we have Temperance, which in the Tarot, refers to peace and balance, not necessarily abstinence from alcohol.

I came back to this one this morning because I didn’t like how the halo turned out (she is supposed to be an Angel). So with a little revision I ended up with this which I like much better.
I really like how the details worked out. I embroidered the blue stitching in a running stitch. I found out sewing photos by hand really sucks because it’s hard to get the needle through without stabbing yourself. Also the shiny things are shell fragments from the beach last week… lesson learned- shells HATE glue guns, hence I had to sew them on.

I also have 2-3 other new projects working right now, but this is getting long enough I will save those for another post. I will give you a hint though- one project involves luggage!
I try to post once if not twice a week so make sure to stop back frequently for new arty goodness 🙂


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