Gallery Submissions!

Yesterday I went on my annual trip to Comfest and stopped at a booth to buy some artwork. I asked the woman who I gave the money to if she was the artist. She confirmed that she was then we started talking. I told her that I was also a mixed media artist and wanted to start selling some of my stuff, but didn’t know how. She said she showed her work through a local gallery here in town and that I should go talk to the owner who was 2 booths down! So I did and he said the gallery was accepting open submissions for the first part of July, that I should check out the submission guidelines online and send in an application. 

When I got home, I looked up the submission guidelines on their website and I am really excited because there is no jury and you are pretty much guaranteed at least one piece getting into an open show! So I submitted pictures of 5 different pieces and now I am waiting to hear which ones they want me to enter. (Cross your fingers it will be all of them!)

Here are the pieces I submitted…. The very last one I started and finished today and I had a lot of fun making it because I used my sewing machine to “sew” the pieces of paper together and add the lace and buttons…

Just Keep Driving

Slightly crooked close up of flowers and words

Close up of the crackle trees

Night is Flying

Close up of words, a flower, and one of the metal stars…

Close up of my beautiful Grandmother Edmiston and the key she is holding…

Party Animal

Close up of banner and hat…

Close up of text… I think my Great Grandpa Benadum would approve haha.

Time was Slipping Away

Detail of the little bird

Detail of the text.
Pale Eyes
Details of the text, stitching and the buttons and lace.
Details of the lino-print and stitching outline.



  1. ecumenicallife · June 25, 2012

    Love the party animal!


  2. Mary Anne Edmiston-Dietz · June 26, 2012

    That's my Great Grandpa Benadum LOL! I think he would have liked it even though I had to give him a mustache…


  3. theshrinkingjourney · July 7, 2012

    Your artwork is beautiful Mary Anne!


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