Pyromaniacs Rejoice!

So I happened to check out a couple of “Stampers Samplers” (a Somerset magazine) from the library the other day and while I was reading one this afternoon came across an article on “soot stamping” that made me want to run straight home to try it! It’s actually kind of a reverse stamping project and is ridiculously easy and has pretty cool results. Here’s how it works….

Your basic supplies

 For your supplies you need-

  •  Free standing candle (I am not sure one in a jar would work very well…) 
  • A lighter (duh)
  • Assorted stamps, I used both commercial stamps and hand carved stamps 
  • Cardstock with a glossy finish
  • Spray fixative

Light the candle and then take the cardstock and hold it partially in the flame. Keep the paper moving around or it will catch fire! Build up the collection of soot by revisiting the same places on the paper. Once you have a good coverage of soot, stamp the paper with a clean stamp (examples below). The stamp should lift the soot off the page so you can see the image. Once you are done stamping seal the whole page with several layers of spray fixative so it doesn’t smudge. Viola! Soot stamping! (The pyromaniac in me was absolutely gleeful throughout the entire process 🙂

This was done using a typical store bought stamp…
As well as this one…
These two were hand carved stamps and I would venture to say they came out about the best. I think it’s because the lines were thicker.

If anyone else decides to try their hand at soot stamping I would love to hear about how it went so leave comments and pictures!!


One comment

  1. ecumenicallife · June 22, 2012

    Ooo, neat stuff Mary Anne! I agree, the bottom stamps are awesome.


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