What’s in a name?

Some of you may be wondering why I decided to name my blog, and hopefully if I am able to market my artwork, my eventual professional studio name “Curious Hawk Studio”. This is a fun story, so fasten your seat belts- this was a bumpy time in my life…
To give a brief overview for those who may not be intimately familiar with my story, I had a quarter-life crisis last year in February. Two years out of undergrad working in a job completely unrelated to art and extremely stressed out and depressed I decided I needed a change, and I felt art was my calling. However, rather than having the courage to try and make it as an artist I decided to take the safe route and go into art education. Little did I know art education wasn’t all that “safe” either. Within less than 4 months of being in an education program several of the major school districts in my town significantly cut or completely eliminated the art program from their elementary schools- my target age group. If that’s not enough to put the fear of God in you I don’t know what is. It didn’t take long until I became disenfranchised with education and finally admitted to myself this spring that what I really wanted to do was be a full time artist.
Anyone who has ever jumped off the deep end can probably then relate to what was going on in my head during that time. I had days where I was filled with confidence and excitement at the prospect of creating my own art to sell, as well as days where I was plagued with doubts, fears and worries about how I could never possibly amount to anything. Many of the artists I admire have blogs that I used to read thinking how similar their stories were to mine and I began to think that maybe a blog was a safe way to “test the waters” so to speak. Problem was, what was I going to call it?
Around this same time I started seeing hawks everywhere. They aren’t really uncommon in our area, but I was seeing 4-5 or more everyday as I drove around town for my job. I am a firm believer that when we are struggling the universe sends us messages of hope and strength. Considering some ancient religions believed the hawk to be a creative messenger who encourages finding a life of  “purpose”, I said to the universe “I get it already!” and decided to close my eyes and leap and see what happened.
Several weeks after I made the decision I was still somewhat unsure of myself and my ability to turn this into a reality. Then one day while I was driving to work I saw yet another hawk, but this one was different. The highway I was driving on has a large retaining wall next to it and I noticed a large bird sitting on top. I remember thinking “Oh goodness that’s a big bird!” and as I got closer I realized it was a red-tailed hawk calming sitting on that retaining wall as cars zoomed past at 70 miles an hour. He appeared unfazed by the fact that large objects at high speeds were passing within 10 yards of him and continued to look curiously at his surroundings. As I passed I felt like he looked straight into my eyes as if questioning me about what I was going to do next.
Later that night when I got home from work I decided that should I market my artwork I would market it under the name of Curious Hawk Studio in honor of that experience. Long story short that leads us now to this blog and the humble beginnings of what I hope will become a fruitful career in the world of art. I don’t know where it will take me yet, but no matter where I go I hope I never stop seeing hawks soaring through the sky so that I will always remember to keep chasing my dreams!

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